Our Approach

We recognize that every organization is different and their needs are different. So we don’t use a standard solution, we develop for your specific needs.

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Our Team

Our business is led by Satish Mathur and Dr John Wiggins. In addition, we have a team of highly qualified senior executives and professionals.

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A clear benefit of our approach is that we deal with real things that matter to the patients, focusing on all aspects of the quality of healthcare.

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H Solutions specialises in the healthcare sector. We help our clients in the NHS to enhance the total patient experience whilst improving quality, outcomes and efficiency.

To us, this means not only the clinical outcome and the clinical service, but all the key activities that matter to the patient, irrespective of where the journey starts or finishes.

Whatever it is, we look at it from the patient perspective and whether it matters to them. In the process we improve the quality of health outcome and the “customer” service.

So we look at clinical protocols and practice; business and operating processes; non-clinical services such as waiting times and the environment; communication processes and behaviours.


We work with clients from:

  • secondary care, eg., acute trusts
  • primary care such as CCGs, CSU’s
  • community care
  • mental health.

Typically, we might be engaged by an NHS organisation planning to improve a specific service. Alternatively we can help our clients to develop integrated services and bring together several heathcare sectors.

Most commonly, we are asked to help because the organisation wishes to make improvements.