Our Aims and Approach

Most organisations aspire to provide the best for their patients. Our aim is to help our clients to achieve and sustain this aspiration.

Management teams in the NHS are often busy dealing with the current priorities and do not have sufficient time to devote to these long-term but important issues. Our team of highly experienced clinicians and managers, acting as “management reserve”, drive and deliver these aspirations.

We recognize that every organization is different and their needs are different. So we don’t use a standard solution. Rather we develop this for your specific needs taking account of best practice.

The initial meeting with you would normally be with one of our partners, who would then prepare the way forward.

Whether it is clinical services or other aspects of healthcare, our approach is :

  • To meet you and colleagues to get a sound understanding of the issues.
  • We prepare an outline scope and a plan for what we are being asked to do.
  • This normally requires: Assess Plan Deliver Embed

One of our partners normally leads the project and is responsible for preparing the plan in conjunction with you and to quality assure the work we do once it is started.

We work from your premises and work closely with your teams, if necessary project managing them and liaising with the responsible executives.


A clear benefit of our approach is that we deal with real things that matter to the patients. This helps to improve the tangible and intangible aspects of the quality of healthcare whilst also resulting in greater efficiencies and cost savings.

A significant benefit of our approach is that in doing what we do and the way we do it, root causes of the issues are also identified. These are often related to things such as people issues (eg., attitudes, behaviours, training and supervision), business processes; availability and use of information, effective use of modern technology and systems.

We take out those things that are not working, do not contribute, and simply cost money for no real gain. We replace them with those that make a real difference and are often much more efficient. Sometime, it is necessary to “invest” but we do this on the basis of rational business case.

We do this because it matters to the users of the NHS. We believe the NHS provides a good service in so many ways; but it can also improve. Working with client’s staff, we help to deliver this improvement.

A Salutary Tale

An external review is requested because of a “never event”. Wrong site surgery had been carried out and local investigation had suggested that the root cause was a failure to adhere to the WHO surgical check list.

This indeed was the case but this was only the end result of a series of deep seated unresolved issues within the trust. The surgical service in question had grown without a proper business plan and the speciality had allowed itself to become remote from both the medical and non-medical leadership of the surgical division.

Furthermore, there were conflicts between the speciality leadership and, finally, the service was not meeting the needs of the local commissioners.

Reaching these conclusions required the input of a small team of highly experienced professionals, who also made in depth recommendations for resolving these complex inter -related problems.

Working with us

We are highly focused on the NHS and the people that come into contact with the NHS. So we start from the “other end” of the pyramid – the user.

Working with high experienced experts, we take responsibility for the projects we undertake whilst managing our team to ensure that we deliver to your expectations. This means that we only employ people who have similar values and are determined to make a real difference.

We can call upon experts covering a full range of needs, both clinical and non-clinical. But we also like to engage and work with your staff. This helps the project but also it motivates and develops your own people for the future.

Our business model offers the best of both worlds, sitting in between traditional consultancies, who specialise in advisory work, and interim executives, who are operationally orientated but work on their own.

Key benefits to you of working with us:

  • Managed delivery working with experienced experts, properly managed by us. Management can focus on own priorities.
  • Responsibility to the client is with us. Client does not need to manage a number of independent interims.
  • Bespoke methodology and approach to suit client needs and not “off the shelf”.
  • Skill-set can call-on appropriate knowledge and experience. No pressure to deploy specific individuals.
  • Legacy approach working with your staff leaves long-term solution.
  • Scalable – can source additional resources should the need arise.
  • VFM – lean/fit operation so saving on costs.